Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Mason!

I wanted to share some pictures of me and my boyfriend Mason. His friends and family call him Mase. He comes from a little town called Stallion Springs (Beautiful hidden place)  in Tehachapi CA. He has a wonderful loving family. He is definitely not like the guys around here. HOW WE MET: I was at the bank in my 62 Ford Falcon looking really cute (haha well I was) As I was getting ready to get out of the car and go inside the bank this REALLY hot guy pulled up next to my car on a chopper and gave me this look like I have never seen. He was wearing a red flannel and black sunglasses looking REALLY cool and I just knew he wasn't from around my town. We both gazed at the other acting like we were too good for the other and I proceeded to walk into the bank as he trailed behind me slowly. He went to the ATM outside (Drrr) as I was waiting in line at the bank  I watched him rip out of the parking lot, made a u-turn & made a left on the first street. It was like I was meant to see where he lived or some wierd thing. I was so bummed that he didn't say hi to me. That was when I was really getting tired of guys not approaching me so I decided to follow him home (I know total stalker). As I drove slowly down the street I noticed his bike parked in the driveway. I was so scared and felt so stupid but I did it anyways....So I ran up and tied a note to the handle bar on his bike with a purple rubber band. It read something like I am totally stalking you, call me. blah blah blah! He had no idea it was me. Later he told me he was kicking himself for not talking to me.....So he texted me and we went out like a day later as we were thrilled to have made contact with eachother. I usually don't share my personal life with the public but it is a great story. Unreal.....Well Here ya go!

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